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Stock Legal Exhibit Index Tabs

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Legal Exhibit Index Tabs – for an organized & professional presentation. Legal indexes are used for a wide variety of applications in legal departments of large corporations, law libraries, litigation firms and government agencies.

We stock a complete line of Avery®, Allstate® and Blumberg® style pre-printed legal exhibit dividers for next day shipment!

We can also custom manufacture these with logos or other features to accommodate law firms with their own typeface, paper and tab size. In addition, we also stock a complete line of 90 & 110 lb. printable plain blank for high-speed copiers. Click here to see our Original ReproTabs® line. 

Standard Specifications Include:

  • 80 lb. White Offset stock
  • Tab Extension Printed Black on 2 Sides
  • Clear Lamination on Tab Extension
  • Letter Size Side Tabs, Size 11 x 8-1/2 + ˝” Tab Extension
  • Letter Size Bottom Tabs, Size 8-1/2 x 11 + ˝” Tab Extension
  • Legal Size Side Tabs, Size 14 x 8-1/2 + ˝” Tab Extension
  • Standard Type Styles Click here for more information > (Will need link here to Legal tab type style guide)

We have over 1,400 Stock Legal Exhibit Tab items including:

  • Individual & Collated Numeric (up to 8,000)
  • Individual & Collated Alpha
  • Individual & Collated Numeric Exhibits
  • Individual & Collated Alpha Exhibits
  • January – December Calendar Months
  • Roman I – XX
  • Double & Triple Alpha
  • Table of Contents, Index & Appendix

We would like to discuss your needs personally either by email or phone.
Please contact us for more information.

Custom Index Tabs, Custom Binders, Binder Dividers

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