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A Message from the President

We are living in an unprecedented era of revolutionary change and time compression. Customers are insisting that information, products and services be delivered faster, better, and to their specifications.

The information stream and media mix used to communicate a message in the marketplace is becoming more complicated and more diverse. Our customers’ are constantly faced with continued up-grade in technology daily and are seeking new ways to differentiate them selves from the competition.

Speed or time to market with a customized more personalized message is the agenda. From the largest corporations to the one-person office, professional document organization and presentation continues to play an integral part in communicating a company’s mission/vision and in projecting an attractive positive image.

You see, whether we like it or not, a book is judged by it’s cover. The recipient consciously or subconsciously reasons: “If it looks professional on the outside, it must be professional on the inside.”

Every person, every department and every company needs to be and to look as professional as possible whether they are making sales proposals, providing information to customers or selling ideas to management. What all of these individuals ask themselves is this: “How can I create, organize and promote my talents, products or services in a way that will enhance my image, giving me a competitive edge?” And “how can I reflect the quality and perceived value of my work, leave a lasting impression and get the task done within the budget and time frame that I need?”

In every case whether it be presentation of an upscale new product/service or a manual workbook for a training seminar, the purpose of a binder/cover is not just to hold the material, but to deliver a powerful packaging impact. The look and feel of the binder/cover set the stage for the story inside it. And when it comes to organizing the story, index tab dividers add a dimension of professionalism and function that increases readership.

We realize how important your information packaging is and do sincerely appreciate the opportunity to meet your document presentation requirements. But most importantly we always want to make doing business with our company a Simply Professional experience. That’s the SimPro Way! Greg Sarpy
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